wwsWelcome to Stumptown Mom! My name is Wendy and I have three spunky children and a fabulous husband. Two years ago we left our home in Frisco, TX where we had lived for 15 years and moved to St. Thomas, USVI. Then, in June 2016, we moved to Portland, OR. I never anticipated uprooting our family, living on an island or becoming a “west coaster.” With all the experience we’ve had the past couple of things I’ve learned a few tricks and had to get creative in ways I never thought possible. I mean how many of you know someone that had to cook for a family of 5 using a toaster oven for 15 months?!

I also went from working full time as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology to being a stay at home mom. I had to develop a whole new approach to my life and how I fill my days. Now, most of time outside the house I spent volunteering at my kids’ schools. My hobbies include travelling, hiking, trying new restaurants, crafting, and playing around in the kitchen. I hope to share what I’ve learned through my real life experience and research with my readers.