How the Electric Pressure Cooker Changed My Life

I spent 14 years working as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. During that time, the crock pot was my best friend. I’d throw something in before heading to work and when I returned dinner would magically be ready. After moving to the US Virgin Islands (that’s a whole different post if not blog), I became a stay at home mom. I no longer thought about putting food in the crock pot before heading to work. In fact, dinner decisions were mostly made around what food was available on the island that week. Cooking with a recipe was frustrating and time consuming because it often involved trips to at least five different stores to find the ingredients. Now that we live in Portland, there is no shortage of fresh and interesting food. My problem is that I still don’t always plan ahead for the 4-6 hours needed to make something in the crockpot. That’s where the electric pressure cooker has saved my bacon more than once! (I bought a Cuisinart from Zulily at half off)


Last night I had every intention of making Chile Con Carne with Sweet Potatoes. Unfortunately, me and my girls were sick with a cold and I didn’t have a chance to do my weekly grocery shopping. Just as I was mulling over what I could throw together for dinner, my SIL sends me a recipe for Balsamic Chicken Tenders with Veggies. Well, I had chicken breast instead of tenders and spinach instead of green beans, but I was pretty sure it would still be tasty with those substitutions. Oh, did I mention I had 35 minutes to throw this all together and head up to school for a PTO meeting? What’s a mom to do? Enter the pressure cooker.

I quickly threw the frozen chicken breasts in the pressure cooker with some olive oil. I cooked at high pressure for 10 minutes while I was preparing the greek dressing and sauteing the spinach. I then transferred the chicken to the pan, browned it up and followed the recipe as directed. In all, it took about 25 minutes of prep time and it was delicious! This recipe is a keeper! I took a picture so you can see how pretty it is when all put together. The link is below:


Check out Rachel’s blog for more recipes

Here is the chili recipe I’m making tonight:

Laughing Spatuala is another great blog with recipe ideas.


Happy eating,





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