Starting the Journey

OK, the blog is up and running, the meals are planned and the grocery shopping is done. I find that meal planning is the number one key to healthy eating success. Too often I’m short on time and throwing together meals at the last minute. That usually means tossing a meat produce in the electric pressure cooker and topping it with store bought bar-b-que sauce. Sounds easy enough right? By the time I throw in some buns and french fries (broccoli if we have it) I’ve served up a meal that is high is sugar and carbs.

If I’m going to serve a nutrient-rich meal I find that intentional selection of what I’m serving is of the utmost importance. Luckily for me, I invested $39 for the year and signed up for Plan to Eat. It’s a web-based site that allows me to import recipes, plan meal for the week or month and it generates a shopping list of all the ingredients in my recipes. Easy peasy.


Another huge part of meal planning is finding recipes that are healthy and tasty. I’ve got three kids and I can rarely please them all. Thank goodness for some really fantastic blogs and websites out there! Since my journey just began, I’m still amassing a collection of main courses, breakfast items, desserts and side dishes. I’m learning why I should eat one thing and not another. I’m trying new things and dragging my family along for the ride. Check back for a list of my favorite recipe sites.


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